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Return Policy

We value our ammunition and Specialty Munitions LLC has a return/refund policy:
Due to the unique nature of the product we sell we only accept returns within 30 days of your order date. There will be no refund issued for any returns that are received at our warehouse without a prior Approved Return Request on file or for any returns that are received at our warehouse with a prior Declined Return Request on file. This scenario, if you would like to keep the unauthorized return received at our warehouse,we will have the ammo/product returned to you and you will be charged for shipping.

If you feel like you should be able to return your product for a reason other than it being damaged or defective product, you are welcome to fill out a Return Request Form and your Return Request will be considered. Please email us at to make a return request; someone on our staff will respond promptly. If your return is approved, we will reply back to your email with the options available for processing your return. Returns will receive store credit or refund, at our sole option.

NOTE: If product in your possession was received damaged, damage must be noted in your Return Request Form and pictures must be supplied documenting the damage. If your Return Request is approved, you are responsible for properly packing and securing your return order to protect it from damage incurred in transit back to our warehouse. All returned product is examined upon arrival and check-in at our warehouse and only product in New/Sellable condition will receive a full credit (unless the damage occurred in transit to your location and you properly notified and documented the damage in your initial Return Request Form). If for any reason you decide you want the product back after it has been received at our warehouse, we will be glad to help with additional shipping charges.